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Hello there, thank you for stopping by. I hope you took a moment to check out my information on the about page. If not, I will try to give you a little information here. 

I love photography! How many times have you seen that on a website that belongs to a photographer?! Ha! Well, I really do (enough to drive my family crazy talking about it all the time!).I started dreaming of owning a photography business when I was in school in 1994 taking photography classes. I lost 13 years of opportunity and life due to a horrid, abusive relationship that kept me isolated from everything and everyone I loved. 

Here and now, I have completely turned my life around. It's been 7 years and I have remarried, obtained 2 college degrees, and started my own business. The one thing that I cannot get back are the moments with my children that are trapped in my mind and can only come out in a story. Sometimes, words are not enough. Images,  they give you so much more. I can picture in my head how it looked and felt to nurse my newborn in a life where nothing gave me happiness except the children I bore. Think for a moment if I had an image to go along with that memory. How amazing it would be to show it to my children and their children and talk about how incredible those seconds, minutes and hours were. 

I grew up without grandparents. I can remember my Nanny, how she smelled, how lovingly she would pat my back and play with my hair. She left this world when I was 8. Now, I would love to have a tangible image of her doing one of those things. 

I want to give you the tangible images I can never get back. To have a deep sense of loss and longing I bring forth emotion and dedication into each and every session. 

I hope you continue to browse and let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with. 

What Now?

Ok, so you looked at the photos, you like the images, you checked out that about page and blog (thank you for that!), and now you are interested in scheduling a session. You may still have reservations, burning questions you need to ask. 

I am here to help! 

My main goal for all clients, those prefer posed images and those who want unposed images, is to ensure you get what you want out of each session! 

Listed below are my session types and pricing guides. Take a few moments and read through everything. Remember I am available to discuss any concerns you may have.

Your Next Step

Call, text, email, message me today! That's it. It's really simple. Those who know me will tell you I love to talk. 

I offer pre and post session consultations at either your home or in my office. It is my job to reassure you and make sure that you love everything from start to finish. 

I am here now, anxiously awaiting to hear from you.

 Portrait Session Pricing

Portrait Sessions are my jam! We all have a grand time talking and enjoying a beautiful day and location while I snap a few photos along the way. I coach you and yours into natural poses to invoke emotion and showcase a connection. I assist in choosing colors to accent the scene  and really getting your vision captured. These prices are across the board for all types of portrait sessions currently. Specialty Sessions are announced and listed separately!

Mini Session Experience

15 minutes, 1 location, no outfit changes


Full resolution gallery and print release. 

25$ nonrefundable deposit due upon booking. Paypal accepted.

Standard Session Experience

30 minutes,  1 location, 2 outfit changes


Full resolution gallery and print release

$50 nonrefundable deposit due upon booking. Paypal accepted.

Premium Session Experience

45 minutes, 1 location, 2 outfit changes 


Full resolution gallery and print release

50$ nonrefundable deposit due upon booking. PayPal accepted


Up to 2 hrs and over, multiple locations and outfit changes

Recommended for groups over 5

Full resolution gallery and print release 

Pricing varies based on group size but begins 15 $400.00

$100 nonrefundable deposit due upon booking. Paypal accepted.

Senior Casuals

Honors Session


up to 30 minutes of session time

1 outfit change 

Print release and full gallery of digital files

Full Honors Session


Up to 1 hour of session time, two -three outfit  changes

Print Release and all full resolution digital files included

All Sessions Include

Private gallery on this website  to download and share.

Print release and full resolution digital files. 

Pre and post-session consult preferred and included. 

Instagram and Facebook collages for electronic sharing (upon request only)


Specialty Session Types and Pricing

Please note payment plans are available! 

Vacation Photos

I love to travel! I think that having family portraits made while in your favorite locations adds a fun twist on capturing amazing images. Mountain or beach I am ready to come find you and memorialize your vacation. 

Vaca Package


Includes travel expenses (within reasonable distance i.e Outer Banks, Blue Ridge etc.)

Print release and full resolution gallery. 

A Day In The Life

This session can be handled many different ways. It can be a full morning to evening session with breaks in between, or a focused 3-4 hour block of time. This session can apply to families, new moms, sporting events, business owners, or best friends who haven't seen each other in years. This is the most popular session and it can apply to anyone and any situation. 

3 hr minimum.  Starting at $100.00 an hour.  Discounts available with more hours booked. 

Includes Metal Print Product for your wall to display! 


For all of you beautiful pregnant moms out there, let me help you savor these moments. Whether you want a sunset session on the beach or an informal session in the comfort of your home I am here to help. Let's show off your beauty and bring forth the emotions you feel during this sacred time. 

Time varies depending on needs. $100 base price.

Travel expenses applied when traveling outside of 75-mile radius. 
I love and encourage any and all session in the Outer Banks! I offer special packages for those sessions! Ask for details today!!!

(Maternity photos are included in Birth and Newborn sessions. See below for details.)

Birth Session

If you want the entire incredible journey of becoming a parent from the time of the first contraction until hours after your precious baby arrives, this is the session for you. I will be there to document it all. The entire session is under your control. Images can be captured of as much or as little as you like. I am here to provide you with every moment you cannot see since you will be working so very hard.

I will put you on my calendar based on your due date and ensure my availability up to 2 weeks after the due date.

Session starts at OMG I'm having a baby! All I need is a phone call and I will be there!

Maternity photos included. $800 base price.

Includes personal gallery online and fine art album and metal or canvas print for display.  (300$ value)

Maternity photo session added as part of package. $100 non refundable deposit due at time of booking. 

Newborn Sessions

In hospital session

This session is where I come visit you for 1 hr in the hospital and take photographs of the newborn with you and family and of baby itself. 

$150 and includes personal gallery online and  1 16x20 photo for display (Thats a 25$ value.)

Fresh 48

Having a baby? The fresh 48 session includes me being on call once labor is close. Arriving at the hospital to capture images during labor. Images include family waiting in lobby,  comfort moments etc. Once the baby arrives, images are taken of all the first meetings. Included in this session are hours throughout the first 2 days of life up until leaving to go home. Sessions start at the moment of birth. Prices start at $500.

Includes fine art album and metal print (250$ value)

In Home Newborn Session


If you are interested in a more relaxed session showing off just you and baby or the whole family. This is the session for you. Taken in all areas of the home, doing things you love and just showcasing the emotion that having a new baby in the house brings. 

1- 2 hours $250 dollars and includes a personal online gallery

$100 non refundable deposit due on day of booking.


I am excited to offer elopement sessions!!! 

These sessions are priced on an hourly basis. 

$150.00 an hour at a 4 hour minimum

Engagement images are included 

Must be 25 people or less

I will travel with travel expenses added (gas and lodging).

Print release is an additional $100.00 and includes the full resolution gallery of digital files (downloadable). 

All Sessions Include:

A personal full resolution  gallery on my website and print release. 

Pre and Post session consults are preferred and included in each session. We can view the total images together and you can order any additional electronic files or print options. 

Remember, the goal is to put photos on your walls! The real ones, not Facebook! 


Nominate A Deserving Person

I often give away sessions to people who would not otherwise be able to have one. If you know of an individual or group of individuals who have and incredible story that deserves to be told, email me their information and story today. 

I typically choose one story a month to gift to someone whose story resonates with me. 

I cannot wait to hear the stories.

Important Information

I do offer both prints and the option to purchase all files with a print release. When purchasing a print release you will acknowledge in a contract that I am not responsible for images printed anywhere other than my preferred lab. 

All images are copyrighted and proceed through the Copyright Act. 

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