FAQ - Rebecca Hailey-Tompkins

Frequently Asked Questions

• How much do you charge?

     Please check my website at www.rebeccatompkinsphotography.com under the Client Guide and all pricing information is listed there.

• Will you travel?

     I am willing to travel up to 50 miles outside of my office location in Jetersville, Va without incurring extra costs. Anything past 50 miles is subject to travel compensation added to session cost.

• How far in advance should I book?

      Great question! I predominately schedule sessions on weekends and they fill up fast!!! I suggest booking at least 1-2 months in advance

. • Is there a deposit?

     Yes. A non-refundable deposit is required for each type of session to secure your time slot of the preferred day. Once this is collected you are officially on the calendar. The cost of the deposit is applied to the total cost of the session experience.The cost of the deposit can be found on my website at www.rebeccatompkinsphotography.com

• What is your cancellation policy?

     I require at least 72 hours of notice of all cancellations. If I am notified within 72 hours, your session can be rescheduled. (Note, all deposits are non-refundable).

• What should we wear?

     Included in my Welcome Guide I have a lot of tips on what wardrobe items to select! I am also willing to review photos of clothing choices and even do a video chat to help you select what will make your photos the best possible!

• Can I have all of the photos you take?

     Why would you even want them? Not every photo is worth keeping that is for sure. At times I can take up to 400 images in 30 minutes. Some have blinky faces and odd motions. Each session includes a guaranteed number of images included in your gallery. Any additional edited images are available for purchase beyond that number.

• Can I bring my pet?

     I love all animals and photographing them is a lot of fun. That being said, you can bring your pet if the animal is well behaved. As the pet owner that is up to you and if the pet ruins the images, I will not offer a reshoot without a fee.

• Can I bring props?

      Absolutely! I will do my best to incorporate anything that is special to you.

• What services do you offer?

     Please refer to my website at www.rebeccatompkinsphotography.com under the Client Guide to see all services offered.

• Do you photograph weddings?

     Unfortunately, I do not. I am willing to photograph elopements and destination ceremonies with less than 8 people.

• What happens if I am not happy with my images?

     I hope this never happens. If it does and the error is on my part, I will offer do completely reshoot the session for you. This is all contingent on honest communication as to why you are not happy with your images. My editing skills cannot cure anyone’s self-esteem.

Can I send you these photos I saw on Pinterest that I want?

     I prefer you didn’t. I do not emulate any other artists work. I will not copy photos off Pinterest. Tell me what you envision your images to look like, paint me a picture based off the images that have inspired you off Pinterest. I would rather create them myself than emulate another artist in any intentional way.

Can I take the digital files I download and print them anywhere?

        NO. I do not provide any print releases except under special circumstances (ex. Ordering custom jewelry). I take pride in my work. The images that I provide for you cannot be printed just anywhere. I order all my print products through Richmond Pro Lab. They work with professional photographers all over the state of Virginia. I can guarantee how an image is going to look when I order via this method. I include my pricing sheet in the beginning information you receive when you book. The print prices are affordable. Also, the images I provide digitally are not at the proper resolution for print. They are at a resolution that is best viewed electronically and for sharing in digital format. To take these files, not only do you have a watermark to contend with, your images will also be dull and possibly blurred. Finally, it is not legal to take images anywhere and have them printed without a print release from the person who owns the copyright (me). It is a form of copyright infringement. Doing this will cause me to not accept any future bookings on your behalf. Please take the time to review my folio on my website. It is a great way to see if my technical and editing styles are what you may are looking to get out of a session with a photographer. If you do not believe I am the right fit, let me know and I will find out what you are looking for and recommend other local photographers that I believe will match what you are seeking!

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